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Get a US Merchant Account for Non US Residents

Can I get a US merchant account for a non-US resident? The answer – yes you can! You can set one up with or without a US company.

A US merchant account allows you to accept credit card orders in US dollars.

There are two options when it comes to getting a US merchant account. The second option is easier to non-US residents.

1. A standard US merchant account. This is where you as a non-US resident applies for merchant account status. This is harder to do and most of the time you will need a US company.

The reason for a US company is so that you can have a tax ID. Also called an EIN (if you don’t have a US company yet.

2. The second option is to use what’s called a 3rd Party US Merchant Account. What is a 3rd party account? A 3rd party US merchant account is where another company holds the actual merchant account and they process orders, in US dollars on your behalf. This is the easiest option you can use to get a US merchant account as a Non-US Resident. At the end of this article you will find resources for 3rd party merchant accounts in the US and also outside the US.

Merchant account providers outside of the US still allow you to trade in US dollars and they will also deposit into a US bank account. They also usually offer lower rates than their US merchant competitors.

The Benefits of a US merchant account for non-US residents:

Accept US credit cards on your website. Including all major credit cards from around the world.
A US merchant account allows you to have funds deposited directly into a US bank account.
US merchant accounts will usually have lower fees.
The benefits of a 3rd party US merchant account is that they usually don’t have any monthly fees or contracts.
Domestic Merchant International Merchant High Risk Merchant

Setting Up Your Domestic Merchant Account in Your Business Home country get daily settlements in your local bank account. 

Once you have the required documents ready, you’ll need to fill out your merchant account provider’s online application.

For a domestic account, merchants typically get a response in 2 business days.

Once you receive a response, your account support team will walk you through the remaining steps to setting up your new merchant account.

Setting Up Your International Merchant Account

An international merchant account is a bit harder to obtain because you will be processing payments from other countries and your business is put at a higher risk of facing fraud and charge-backs.

It may take several days to get a response before you can begin setting up your international merchant account.

Once set up, you can start receiving payments from your customers around the world!

What is a high-risk merchant?

The more chargebacks a business comes with, the higher the risk. Hence, the main factors that matter are industry reputation and processing history (it’s recommended to keep your chargeback ratio lower than 0.9% of your total transactions).

Here are overall characteristics of a high risk merchant, but note that it widely differs based on a certain payment processor’s guideline:

More than $20,000 monthly sales volume
Average credit card transaction higher than $500
A business sells products and services to countries known for high levels of fraud
Bad credit history and excessive charge-backs.


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