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Kidnap Ransom & Extortion
The rise of terrorism and transnational crime has been seen to increase dramatically in the past decade. No longer entirely political or revolutionary in purpose, some kidnappers are simply concerned with financial gain.
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Plan On Traveling?
Travel Warnings are issued when the State Department recommends that Americans avoid a certain country. They also issue Consular Information Sheets for every country of the world with information on such matters as the health conditions, crime, unusual currency or entry requirements, any areas of instability, and the location of the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate in the subject country.
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Do You Know Anti-Terrorism Laws?
BBC News explains the basics behind anti-terrorism laws - and why some people say they are controversial.
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Current Articles
Read articles from the leading academic institute for counter-terrorism in the world, the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT). These articles provide expertise and insight into the global struggle against terrorism.
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What Do The Colors Really Mean?
Visit the Department of Homeland Security's Official Website and download this one-page guide with recommended actions for each level.
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Matcal can provide clients with a thorough risk, threat and vulnerability assessment – RTVA. This is a complete security risk analysis for official, corporate and private clients. The assessment reviews possible threats, risks and vulnerabilities and offers practical ways to avoid protect and prevent security breaches. Each assessment will be specific to the client’s needs, covering relevant aspects and providing a “Total Security Plan” taking everything into account.

Matcal provides RTVA services to a wide range of organizations worldwide including:

· Financial and insurance companies
· Large corporate entities
· Sensitive residential complexes
· Safe city projects
· Mining operations
· Exclusive tourist facilities
· International airports
· Land transportation facilities
· Maritime facilities (Sea ports, oil rigs, etc.)
· Sports and cultural facilities
· Industrial sites

Matcal is able to turn its vast field experience in physical security, information security and the implementation of technological aids into comprehensive security solutions. Our team is committed to tailoring specific customer orientated, cost-effective, business friendly solutions that address modern day threats.

In order to develop a MSP (Master Security Plan), the first step is to conduct an assessment of the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities facing the compound in order to have a complete understanding of the existing security affairs. Based on the preliminary data analysis the security approach, plan, and design are developed, implemented and executed.

Matcal’s RTVA takes into consideration the following main criteria:

· The current threats of terrorism and the likelihood of such activities in the vicinity.
· The current crime level, as well as other security threats common to the specific area and country.
· Existing conditions, such as access control, staff and customer movement, closed-circuit TV systems, etc.
· The competence of the security team and the current command and control facilities.
· The existing technologies in use and their effectiveness in helping counter the threats as analyzed in the RTVA.
· The movement factor around and in/out of the facility.
· The facility’s standing in comparison with top international official security standards.

The methodology is based on Matcal’s extensive experience, industry-leading practices, and security research findings. The assessment is conducted by veteran Matcal professionals. Using RTVA, Matcal analyzes potential threats, and evaluates the ability for the client organization to contend with the threats.

RTVA has been proven to provide clients with an effective, comprehensive review with recommendations that are also practical to implement. An important objective of the assessment is to help each organization allocate and focus its resources tactically on the threats that have the greatest potential to cause harm. One benefit of this approach is that it is designed to provide the optimal coverage and effectiveness for the expense outlay on security.

Matcal professionals offer specialized expertise in terror and crime prevention as well as extensive experience in civil order, sensitive facilities, large shopping centers and commercial properties, aviation security, transportation, large sporting events, and working in partnership with police forces. The team also has in-depth experience in providing the highest level of security services to large-scale organizations and institutions.

Matcal offers two unique complementary approaches to develop and test the security plan. Inside-out/Outside-in methodology enables Matcal to view the security installation from within—the facility’s perspective—and, even more importantly, from the attacker’s outside viewpoint. Matcal’s method conducts sophisticated penetration testing using the internal and external knowledge, a keen understanding of perpetrators’ modus operandi, as well as experience being the attacker. Together, these methodologies enable Matcal to develop an optimal solution against real, relevant security threats and risks.
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